The Gen-Disp Format


This format will provide you data which tracks each update in our system. It can be sent via sftp, FTP, email, etc. It can be sent either hourly (when data is available) or daily. Once you are ready to begin receiving data in this format, please send email to specifying that you want to receive the gen-disp format, give us the email address to which you want it sent, and let us know the schedule (hourly or daily) on which you want us to generate the data.

File Format:

The file uses standard CSV (comma-separated values) format.

    Name Field                          Max Size, Format
    Our internal shipment identifier    10
    IBC's HAWB                          11      only digits
    Customer Reference                  11
    Full HAWB                           40
    Shipment creation date              10      YYYYMMDD
    US port of entry                     3      if appropriate
    Disposition Code Date               10      YYYYMMDD
    Disposition Code Time                4      HHMM
    Disposition Code                     2
    Disposition Code Explanation        63
    POD Date                            10      YYYYMMDD
    POD Time                             4      HHMM
    POD                                 25


The disposition code fields are used to provide updates other than PODs. For a complete list of codes and their meanings see our disposition code list.

A shipment's creation and POD aren't normally considered events in our system so they aren't listed in the referenced file. We'll send "_A" as the disposition code for the creation (add) event and "_P" for the POD event.

Sample Data:

Here is a sample data file.