The Gen-Full Format


The following is our most detailed standard POD and shipment disposition file format. It is typically sent via email, and can be sent either hourly (when data is available) or daily. Once you are ready to begin receiving data in this format, please send email to specifying that you want to receive the gen-full format, give us the email address to which you want it sent, and let us know the schedule (hourly or daily) on which you want us to generate the data.

File Format:

The file uses standard CSV (comma-separated values) format.

    Name Field                          Max Size, Format/Notes
    Our internal shipment identifier    11
    IBC's HAWB                          11      only digits
    Customer Reference                  11
    Full HAWB                           40
    [optional] creation date            10      YYYY-MM-DD
    origin                               3
    contents                             3      either DOC or APX
    destination                          3      airport code
    outlying                             1      X if outlying city
    number of Pieces                     3
    weight                               8      in pounds
    value (declared for customs)         7      in USD
    terms                                1
    collect amount                       8
    insured amount                      10
    description                        200
    service code                         2
    service text                        25
    packaging                            1
    account number                       4
    account name                        30
    [optional] DLS station               3
    [optional] DLS account number       12
    [optional] DLS account name         30
    consignee line 1                    35
    consignee line 2                    35
    consignee street 1                  35
    consignee street 2                  35
    consignee city                      35
    consignee state                     20
    consignee phone                     15
    disposition code date               10      YYYY-MM-DD
    disposition code time                4      HHMM
    disposition code                     2
    disposition text                    63      (meaning of the code)
    POD date                            10      YYYY-MM-DD
    POD time                             4      HHMM
    POD                                 25


    shipper name                        30
    shipper contact                     20
    shipper address 1                   25
    shipper address 2                   25
    shipper city                        25
    shipper state                        2
    shipper postal code                 10
    shipper country code                15
    shipper phone                       15


    history date/time                   16      YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM
    history type                         1      types:
                                                    A: creation
                                                    G: received at gateway
                                                    B: bagged for manifesting
                                                    M: manifested
                                                    T: disposition code
                                                    P: POD
                                                    U: other update
    history Station                      3
    history User Login Name              8
    history User Full Name              30


    comment text                       512
    comment entry station                3
    comment entry user                   8
    comment entry date                  10      YYYY-MM-DD


Sample Data:

Because of the number of variations possible in this file (optional fields and optional data blocks of events and comments) we do not have samples files available online. If you feel that this format is the one you will need, then once you submit the request and it is approved, we will generate a sample file for you with your data based on the exact options you choose.